Press release JdC Garden Trends 2024 - 13 December 2023

JdC Garden Trends 2024: a unique opportunity to discover how the garden can be both a source of well-being and eco-responsible.
For two decades, the Garden Trends Collection Days (JdC) trade fair, organised by Infopro Digital, has established itself as the major event for all garden retail buyers in France. This not-to-be-missed event for the garden industry is taking place in Marseille, France's 2nd largest city, with the Parc Chanot as its backdrop. On 26-27 and 28 March, the 2024 edition of Garden Trends Collection Days will be opening its doors to garden retail buyers, with 390 exhibitors and an ever-increasing number of innovations and new products revolving around a new, refined segmentation of sectors: Outdoor Living, Gardening & Cultivation, Landscaping & Construction, Home & Leisure and Retail Services. For 3 days, 1,400 players from the French retail sector will be able to meet 390 exhibitors, half of whom come from more than 20 different countries. Building on its success in 2023 with BFM, M6 and the major gardening magazines, the Garden Trends Collection Days trade fair will be welcoming all the media aimed at the general public for the 2nd year running.

The 20th edition of the Garden Trends Collection Days trade fair will open with a focus that is more than ever in tune with the times: well-being and the virtuous garden

Gardening has long been recognised for its benefits to morale, as a remedy for depression on grey days. It is a vehicle for social interaction, education and personal reconstruction: a garden for green leisure activities, a decorative garden, a garden that nurtures out of ecological conviction or economic concern. This edition reflects this dimension perfectly, highlighting the sociological, environmental and economic aspects that have shaped the gardening industry.
The garden and DIY market has been growing steadily for over two decades. Several factors have contributed to this positive trend. The switch to the 35-hour week has freed up people's time, encouraging them to invest more in the upkeep of their exteriors.

In addition, environmental awareness has marked a significant stage in the history of the garden market. This could take the form of an increase in green spaces, green roofs, green walls and other initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable and pleasant environment. Or through new regulations, such as the compulsory composting of bio-waste from 1 January 2024... 

In order to move towards the sobriety that will bring about real positive social change for the planet and society as a whole, the products and innovations that reflect this trend will be at the heart of the industry from now on, and can be found at the JdC Garden Trends show.

This 20th edition of JdC Garden Trends highlights major developments in the industry and offers a space for exploration for professionals who want to stay at the cutting edge of trends and virtuous practices.

This is a unique opportunity to discover how the garden can be both a source of well-being and a responsible act ?

More than just a product showcase, the exhibition has 2 halls, plus an outdoor exhibition area. It is positioned as a complete platform for sourcing new trends.



It is the leading professional meeting in the French garden distribution sector, bringing together no less than 1,000 brands spread across 390 stands. More than half of these exhibitors are international, from around twenty different countries, giving visitors the opportunity to discover new products never before seen in France.


The new finer segmentation enhances the event's relevance to a diverse audience, from gardening enthusiasts to DIY enthusiasts, barbecue enthusiasts and consumers of home and leisure-related products. As a result, "Home & Leisure" and "Services for Retail" have been added to "Outdoor Living", "Gardening & Cultivating" and "Landscaping & Building".
The "Gardening & Cultivating" category
includes the main concentration of consumer motoculture brands, watering equipment, DIY tools, and plants.

The "Building & Landscaping" category
focuses on products related to outdoor landscaping, such as materials, lighting, fences, terraces, and outdoor decoration.

The "Outdoor Living" category
brings together items such as barbecues, garden furniture, pool accessories and products, games and toys, cushions, etc.

The "Home & Leisure" category
includes tableware, creative hobbies, indoor plants, pots, vases, rugs, and doormats. It offers products for desaisonnalisation, enabling yearround revenue generation.

The "Services for Retail" category
while not the core of the exhibition's offering, meets the needs of distributors in terms of store equipment or logistics consulting, for example.

The future of the plant sector
is continuing to expand, with a number of new entrants.


The Garden Trends Collection Days stand out with the largest B2B concentration of barbecue manufacturers in France, featuring around fifty actors. This means that visitors will have the unique opportunity to discover a wide range of barbecuerelated products, from equipment to accessories, all in one place.

In short, it's a must-attend event for all professionals who want to be at the cutting edge of the latest garden trends. And there's more than one way to do it:

The JdC Garden Trends special issue magazine:
The publication of a special magazine ahead of the event, highlighting French and European trends in the forthcoming collections, provides buyers with a valuable resource for preparing for the show. This enables them to target the products and exhibitors that best match their needs and sales objectives.

The Garden Collection Awards:
Organising a competition with a panel of ten buyers from France's biggest buying groups, called the "Prix des Collections Jardin", is an exceptional way of highlighting innovative products. It creates healthy competition among exhibitors to showcase their most innovative products, while offering buyers the opportunity to discover future best-sellers. This competition values and rewards innovation, which is essential if we are to remain competitive in an ever-changing market..

  • Gamm Vert with the category Self-production in the garden 
  • Systeme U with the category Responsible & smart gardening 
  • J'DEA with the category Garden decoration & furnishings Inedis with the category Authentic and practical 
  • Adeo with the category Outdoor cooking

The products will also be put to the vote of all buyers at the show for a special prize.

Expert conferences:
Conferences led by industry experts provide an ideal framework for understanding emerging market trends, with presentations from Promojardin, GFK, Manuel Rucar tendanceur cabinet Chlorosphère, and others. These presentations are backed up by market figures and analyses that give visitors a clear picture of how the industry is evolving. This helps professionals to make informed decisions and anticipate future changes.

The JdC Garden Trends show stands out as a source of new underlying trends in the sector, with expert conferences, a pre-show publication, and a prestigious Garden Collection Awards competition. This event offers garden retail professionals an exceptional opportunity to stay at the cutting edge of the industry and find the products that will make the difference in the marketplace. A market full of resources, the garden is a market with a very bright future ahead of it.

Among the exhibitors already registered for the 2024 edition of the Garden Trends Collection Days (as of 13/12/2023) : Andrea Bizzotto, Campingaz, Aqualux, Artevasi, Bestway, Biohort Gartengerate, Broil King, BWT Pool Products, Charbroil, Compo, DAYE, EDA Plastiques, Einhell, Elho, Emu Groupe, ENO - La Plancha, Esschert Design, Evergreen Garden Care, Fitt, Forest Style, Fyron Groupe, Gardena, Hozelock Exel, Husqvarna, Kaemingk, Karcher, Koopman International, Landmann, Leborgne, Le Marquier, Livwise, Mega Collections, NDT International, Nortene Home Depot, Outdoorchef, Palmako, Poolstar, Proloisirs, SBM Life Science, Scheppach, Tramontina, Trigano Jardin, Veca, Wolf Steel Europe Napoleon, Yantec...

Don't miss this opportunity to plunge into the heart of garden innovation and share this unique experience with our community of professionals.

Themed tours will be available to help you organise your visit. For example, here's a first look at some of the main themes: Made in Europe/France, Organic & natural gardens, Friendly gardens & social ties, thrifty & landscaped gardens, etc.

Access to the show for all media in 2023 has been a real success, with good media coverage for exhibitors. 100% of the media present said they wanted to return next year.