Fraud alert

Dear exhibitors,

We would like to draw exhibitors’ attention to the actions of certain companies, which are not in any way affiliated with our Group and which may ask you, as an exhibitor from JdC Garden Trends, to advertise your company in a commercial event directory or guide.

The misleading presentation of these requests, and particularly the mention of the name of the organiser ETAI and/or of the name of the JdC Garden Trends fair, might suggest:
  • that the email is from ETAI
  • or that it is merely an address verification for a directory where you may be led to think you are listed since the sender already has your main identification details,
  • and that the advertisement offered is free of charge.

This is absolutely not the case and these documents actually register you for paid advertising in a guide that is completely unrelated to ETAI’s activity and is, in many cases, edited by companies outside of this field.

Please read these offers with the utmost care and research the companies making the offer before signing anything that might legally bind you to pay for an advertisement. Such contracts often have a fixed 3-year term.

Our company shall under no circumstances be held liable for any demand for payment you receive from a company of this type as a result of any advertising contract you may have signed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Kind regards
JdC Garden Trends Team