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If you knew what tomorrow will bring...
...what would you do differently today?

Our mission in the sectors of plants, garden, landscape and floral art, is to be the sentinel who warn, prevent and help you to anticipate to hold the most suitable decisions regarding the society evolutions and aspirations...

Our job
  • Identify and analyse consumer trends: annual publication of the trend book at N+2 and of the point-of-sale collection guide at N+1.
  • Develop anticipation strategies to adopt: sourcing, collection plan, product launch, strategic marketing.
  • Support companies in innovation and valuation of their products & services.
  • Promotion of innovation: style, photo shoot, communication campaigns.

Tel: +33 6 19 86 34 32
Garden magazine
Useful information for the gardening retail (garden centres, do-it-yourself centres, agro-shops, nurseries, ...).
Spanish, Andorra & Portugal

GfK. Growth from Knowledge.
Since 1934, we've gained trust from our customers by contributing to their business growth thanks to our comprehensive view of consumer behavior and deep understanding of trends influencing markets, brands and media spend.
In 2023, GfK merged with NielsenIQ, bringing together 2 industry leaders. Now, we offer the Full View™ to our customers through 360° analysis of distribution channels and instant access to critical insights thanks to our digital platforms.

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La revue du jouet

Find out the latest news on toys and games: an in-depth exploration of market dynamics, strategies, innovations and emerging trends.
As well as themed features, analysed figures and market studies: La revue du jouet offers essential insights for understanding and anticipating developments in this dynamic and diversified industry.

Subscribing means :
  • Access to the magazine and its digital version
  • Keep up to date with all the latest news from market players through the site's reserved content and services
  • The weekly newsletter: distributor news, market research, NPD and Kantar Media data*.

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The Guide des Consommateurs Jardin is a think-tank for garden professionals, published every year on a topical theme. It compiles figures, surveys and testimonials from various players in our profession. With its 150 pages of reflections, our experts review the ins and outs of the major topic of the year. It offers practical solutions and a better understanding of the gardening industry.
Whether you're a manufacturer, producer, distributor, landscaper or enthusiast... The Guide des Consommateurs Jardin helps you to understand the future and the challenges facing our professions.

Maryline Miori
Former top-level sportswoman and Arc En Ciel certified to better understand the profiles and motivations of individuals. She also won the SNHF's most beautiful vegetable garden competition in 2017. She offers garden and human relations training courses at our market.

Pierre Hervet
A former presenter, buyer and purchasing manager in various garden retail chains, Pierre brings his professional eye to the Guide des Consommateurs Jardin. His many professional contacts enable him to keep abreast of gardening news and specialist distributors.

Roland Motte
Roland has been involved in the garden trade for many years, and has been a garden centre manager and national buyer. He set up his own company, RMJ, in 1997 to offer support to plant professionals. He is also active on social networks with his test kitchen garden in the Vosges.

GuíaVerde is a web portal and professional directory of companies, products and services in horticulture, gardening and related markets in Spain and Portugal.

It includes information on more than 9,500 companies, 4,000 products, 3,700 plant guides, 4,100 news and videos from 700 events.
It also has 100,000 visits per month to the website, 16,000 registered users, 18,000 subscribers on social media profiles, 5,000 issues of the printed directory.

Tel: +34 963 503 288
INOHA is a Trade association related to Home Improvement Industry.
Since 1978, INOHA brings together numerous makers of products for Home Improvement, DIY,  gardening and new residential construction markets. INOHA helps its company members to grow up in a multi-channel strategy and carries the voice and the interests of the manufacturers. INOHA and its company members are focused to serve all the people who take care of their habitat, as a refuge value and source of their well-being.

JAF-info - Information for professionals!

JAF-info | Jardinerie Animalerie Fleuriste is an online Press website (BtoB) created in 2011 by Luc NAROLLES - Highlighter of Talents ! Former manager of a florist and pet shop. Luc has been at the heart of the industry since 1989!
This independent media concentrates several sources of information: journalistic, monitoring and community. It publishes economic news, job offers and advertisements for professionals.
The aim of JAF-info is to enrich the thinking and inform the choices of every French player in the hyper-specialised distribution of gardens, pets and flowers.

1st online media for Nature Distributors!
2,000 news items every year
5,000 newsletters every day with an excellent open and click-through rate
30,000 contacts on the main social networks
70,000 page views every month
2,000,000 information emails sent each year

Website: www.jardinerie-animalerie-fleuriste.fr
Contact: jardinerie-animalerie-fleuriste.fr
Média & Jardin-Groupe J, publishes the professional magazine JARDINERIES intended for all players in the garden sector (producers, suppliers, central purchasing bodies, stores, interprofessional organizations, services, etc.).

At the same time, we organize unifying events for the profession: Jard'innov Trophies for product innovation, JardinPlus Trophies for the best suppliers elected by buyers, Graines d'Or Trophies for the brands preferred by consumers and buyer pairs. assistants preferred by suppliers.

Contact advertisers and partners: Sophie Baticle  -  s.baticle@groupe-atc.com 06 65 60 44 70
Events contact: Laure Lebigre  -  l.lebigre@info6tm.com  07 60 39 39 77

Fédération des Jardineries et Animaleries de France is the federation representing and defending the interests of garden centres and pet shops in dealings with French and European institutions. We conduct social negotiations and amend the Collective Agreement with the social partners, we inform and support our members on regulatory changes with tools (guides, charters ...) and promote the sector to the general public and the media.

  • A monthly magazine
Follow the evolution of the plant sector with background analyses processed with the perspective necessary for decision support.
Topics covered: News – Technical – Business management – Trends / markets – Landscaping – New plants.

All daily news, business services (weather, video, archives), new plants and equipment.

  • A weekly newsletter
To follow the major events to remember.

  • A new reading application
Access at any time and on all media to the information of Le Lien Horticole

Matériel & Paysage provides technical information to profesionnals in the creation and maintenance of parks, gardens and green spaces.

The magazine's DNA: mchines ans their uses.

The multidisciplinary world of landscaping, where investments to complete projects are essential, requires quality information. Our team of journalists goes to construction sites and trade shows in France and abroad. Our readers are entitled to the best, and we strive to meet their expectations with 400 pages of editorial content (excluding advertising) per year.

Contact: Gwenaëlle Castrec - g.castrec@cipmedias.com
The only distribution magazine for specialists in parks and garden, green spaces, forestry and agricultural equipment with a mechanised farming activity. It is also intended for self-service shops and brands in rural areas.

The magazine's DNA: a decision-making aid for company managers.
Moteurs & Réseaux comments on and analyses the distribution markets and channels. It enables decision-makers to better understand their competitive environment.
Moteur & Réseaux is the only magazine dedicated to this market that provides information between suppliers and distributors.
Promojardin-Prom'animal is an association that brings together all the economic and strategic players in the garden and pet markets. From upstream to downstream of the market, nearly 500 women and men work together for the development of these markets.

Weaving links between distributors, manufacturers and service providers Promojardin-Prom'animal has a dual vocation:
  • Unravel markets : Annual market analysis and monthly market datas (consumers and cashouts), provides access to comprehensive and rapid information on the slightest movement in the garden and pet product categories.
  • Catalyse collective Intelligence : Annual convention, conferences, working groups, every month there is an opportunity to meet up with players in your sector to develop the garden and pet worlds.
Whatever the project, the philosophy remains identical : to create a dynamic shared by all, conducive to the development of everyone's activity.

Contact: Hanan Abdesselem - promojardin@promojardin.com
Tel: +33(0)1 45 43 25 25
Secteur-Vert Media, specialized in online press, now publishes 5 pioneering information websites specializing in the garden and green space market for both individuals and professionals in the sector.

Secteur-Vert.com has historically been the first information portal, not only in France but also in Europe (Secteur Vert is a French and European registered trademark), to propose a Garden and Green Spaces editorial offer for the Consumers, Distribution and Professional Users.
Since its launch in 2010, Secteur Vert has developed its activity in this sector in response to the observation of the rise of the Internet in the purchasing process. These twelve years of experience have made Secteur Vert the forerunner in this field and give it a real advisory and leverage role.

Tecno Garden is a professional magazine. A reference for information on gardening and landscaping, aimed at large supermarkets, plant nurseries, DIY centers and garden centers.

Total dissemination: 6.900 mailings/issue.
Interactive version: for magazine viewer on mobile terminals and web.
Distribution: garden centers, DIY centers, plant nurseries, specialized shops and department stores, and other points of sale.

Contact: Ramon Cardona - rcardona@interempresas.net
Tel: +34 936 802 027
  • Distributed in 18,500 copies to BtoB specialist distribution.
  • 7 numbers per year
  • A dedicated website : www.univers-habitat.eu
  • The only French professional media covering all housing sectors.

Because consumer trends intersect and different markets share common challenges, Univers Habitat is the ideal cross-disciplinary tool for all those involved in home furnishing. Its editorial line is organised into 5 sections: general market analysis, white-brown, kitchen, furnishings and DIY. The only French trade media covering all these segments, Univers Habitat is both a print magazine, with themed supplements and special issues, and an information-rich Internet portal, with frequent newsletters and news feeds on social networks.
ZEPROS HABITAT & JARDIN. "A free newspaper has never been so profitable"

Key figures
  • 30 397 copies distributed in the heart of the points of sale.
  • 7 issues per year
  • one dedicated Website : www.habitat.zepros.fr
  • N°1 in distribution In GSB, GSS, LISA and garden centre universe.

It is the reference for garden professionals of all circuits!
The Garden, outdoor design (Amex), decoration represent more than half of the pages of Zepros Habitat.  With the GfK Garden Barometer, regional pages on shop openings, new garden centres and DIY stores, new garden products and manufacturer news, ZEPROS HABITAT & JARDIN is the modern tool for garden professionals in garden centres, DIY stores, DIY stores and Lisas.  They read our news, either online at any time, or in the form of a newspaper every two months or everyday on the website. www.habitat.zepros.fr

ZEPROS HABITAT & JARDIN. Also shares its gardening information with the other titles in the group interested in the Amex: Zepros Territorial, read by all local authorities and their buyers, Zepros Négoce etc.