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Media and institutional partners – 2022




CHLOROSPHERE, trends consultancy,

Our job :

Identify and analyse consumer trends
Develop anticipation strategies to adopt
Support businesses in enhancing their products and services to face consummers aims

Our product

Trendbooks, consulting, workshop

Website : http://www.chlorosphere.fr/



GfK, Growth from Knowledge





Cultivating better gardens together.

An association dedicated to the promotion of gardening and pets.

Who are we?

  • Promojardin is a professional association unique in its field
  • A pool of 125 members, Distributors, Producers, Service Providers and Media

Our mission:

  • To communicate the values inherent in gardens and gardening
  • To promote the benefits of having a pet
  • To supply market data and indicators
  • To pool skills and share good will
  • To help our markets to progress and flourish
  • To work in partnership with joint trade organizations


Hanan Abdesselem, General Secretary : hanan.abdesselem@promojardin.com – +33 (0)

Website : http://www.promojardin.com/






As the leading information source for retailers and producers of consumer goods in France, LSA offers a range of products and services adapted to the specific needs of this community.

LSA highlights innovations, uncovers trends and shares good practices

LSA helps professionals to be more efficient and anticipate market developments with a team of around twenty journalists who are decoding the trends of:

  • all food and non-food markets,
  • all distribution types (stores, delivery, click & collect, e-business and more), and
  • all company sizes (SMEs and large groups).

LSA offers its readers a multimedia solution

  • The LSA website has 2 million page views and 1 million unique visitors each month. We also launched LSA Commerce Connecté, dedicated to smart retail & connected stores.
  • The LSA daily newsletter is sent to 20,000 professionals – there are seven topical weekly newsletters covering each market (beverages, multimedia-appliance, DIY-gardening, HPC, kids, food and franchise businesses).


Website : https://www.lsa-conso.fr/




Magazine addressed to professional points of sale in gardening.

Reader’s profile :

owners, managers and purchases managers of garden centres, DIY centres, nurseries, seedbeds, ironmonger’s shops, utility companies, specialized superstores… Spain, Portugal and Andorra

Frequency : monthly




Bricomag Zepros Habitat has been launched in November 2020.

It follows the merger of Bricomag & Zepros.

Bricomag Zepros Habitat

The reference for garden professionals in all channels! Garden, outdoor design (Amex) and decoration account for more than half of the pages of Bricomag Zepros Habitat. With the GfK Garden Barometer, regional pages on the opening of shops, garden centres and DIY stores, new products and manufacturer news. Bricomag Zepros Habitat is the modern tool for professionals in the sector.

Whatever their job or position in the company, all professionals in the sector now have access (in digital print & RS) to ambitious editorial content that is easy to use and relevant to their concerns.



GuiaVerde is the Professional Web Portal and Printed Directory about Companies, Products and Services from the Horticulture, Gardening and Associated Markets in Spain and Portugal.

GuiaVerde includes information about:
• Plus than 9,500 Companies
• Plus than 4,000 Products
• Plus than 4,100 Breaking News & Videos
• Plus than 700 Events
• Plus than 3,700 Plants guides
• Employment
• Quotations (for professionals)

GuiaVerde is a project owned by Floramedia Spain & Portugal, the leading communication company for the Green Industry, and their main figures are:
• 100,000 visits/month to the website
• 13,000 registered users
• 12,000 followers on Social Media profiles
• 5,000 issues of the printed directory (yearbook)

Your Contact: inma@guiaverde.com – +34 963 503 288

Website : https://www.guiaverde.com/




Our french business to business media brands : Jardineries, Animal Distribution, and La Lettre du Végétal, cover garden and pet markets (topics about retailers, suppliers, professional organizations…). We also are the organizers of several annual business events, such as professional awards ceremonies : JardinPlus (the best garden products suppliers), Jard’innov (the best innovative garden products), Animal Challenge (the best innovative pet products and the best pet products suppliers), and Les Graines d’Or (the best garden centres and buyers).

Website : http://www.mediajardin-groupej.com

Le Lien Horticole



Le Lien Horticole  is the only French weekly aimed at the horticulturists.

Every week, the journalists handle the current events of the sector, realize a complete case on a theme  and put in front of the testimonies ground. Le Lien horticole link allows his readers of credit note in a short time the recent information but, especially, to be able to understand the evolutions of the sector with practical advice of implementation.

Le Lien horticole:

43 numbers + The weekly Newsletter + services  reserved on www.lienhorticole.fr

To subscribe:



Website : http://www.lienhorticole.fr/

Moteurs et réseaux


Moteurs & Réseaux

Moteurs & Réseaux is  the only French trade magazine dedicated to the distribution of parks and gardens, forestry and agricultural equipment.

Among its 8 yearly issues  stands out a special “Who’s Who?”, which is a real directory for the whole profession.

Website : https://www.materiel-paysage.com/

Tecno Garden


TECNOGARDEN is a professional magazine sold in Spain. It has been published for more than 20 years and has 200 editions published. It is considered by many Spanish garden-lovers as one of the leading publication focused on the area of the gardening, landscaping, agriculture and DIY. 
TECNOGARDEN publishes eight issues in a year and has a print run of 4.000 copies.
It Is available in print and digital format through subscription.
This magazine below to Grupo TPI www.grupotpi.es, an editorial company specialised in technical information for professionals in the main economic sectors. The commitment it has managed to maintain with its readers is the development of pluralistic media, critical, independent and established on the basis of credibility.

Website : http://profesionaleshoy.es/jardineria/

Univers Habitat



The magazine dedicated to the home equipment industry and retail, which highlights the convergences and interactions between markets and their marketing channels.

Because the multi-channel strategy is a reality! Because consumer trends are intersecting and the challenges of the different markets respond to several common issues! Because having a global vision allows you to discover and adapt success stories to your own constraints! Because you have to anticipate tomorrow’s markets!

Website : https://www.univers-habitat.eu/marche-brico-jardin


JAF-info | Jardinerie Animalerie Fleuriste :


JAF-info | Jardinerie Animalerie Fleuriste :

The 1st Free Online Media Distributors of Nature!

JAF-info | Jardinerie Animalerie Fleuriste is a website of on-line press (BtoB), created by Luc Narolles – journalist – “Surligneur de talents” that we can translate as “Talented highlighter”.

This website is a concentration of several information sources as journalistic, observations (intelligence) and community.

The goal of this innovative media for all professionnals, is to enrich each french players of this sector with an adapted economic news. Growing fast, often qualified as a reactive media, readers used to award it the title of : “the essential of the profession”.

JAF-info is a publication of the french editor “Editions Média-Talents” : 48.000 contacts – 52.000 pageviews per month.