Swimming pools, the way is clear

Swimming pools are becoming indispensable, even if sales are slowing down this year. Consumables, on the other hand, continue to grow.

Looking at the figures - a 15% drop in sales by 2023 - some might conclude that this is the end of a great love affair. But isn't France already the European champion, with more than 3 million swimming pools? In fact, construction is up 8.9% compared to 2019. The market is evolving: pools are getting smaller and better equipped, thanks to covers and shelters. This equipment helps to reduce energy bills, limit evaporation and extend the swimming season. Among the solutions presented at the JDC show were water treatment products and filtration systems that reduce the need for backwashing. Anne-Catherine Philippe, marketing director at Bayrol, confirms: "Our business has not been affected by the drop in sales. There are still pools to be treated, even in bad weather. Bayrol's new products this year include automated systems to optimise water treatment. They are designed to make life easier for consumers. Enough to satisfy the French thirst for swimming pools. And there's still plenty of room for manoeuvre... 70% of French people dream of having a swimming pool. The benefits are twofold: in addition to the pleasure of swimming, it significantly increases the resale value of a house.

By David Fouillé