Kitchens and planchas, a hot favourite

Barbecues have taken France by storm. But they are in the process of being eclipsed by planchas and outdoor kitchens.

Not so many years ago, the French swore by the barbecue. Nowadays, the plancha is on a par in terms of sales, thanks to its food versatility and ease of use. This popularity is not necessarily reflected in the sales figures. “2023 was a bit difficult,” explains Cyrille Brosset, outdoor market manager at Eno, "but that can be explained by inflation, the weather, a huge choice on the market and the fact that, coming out of the pandemic, people were over-equipped in the home and garden sector. The market has now reached maturity." Nevertheless, this should be a transitional year in a slightly deflationary environment. Producers are also following the trend: products are moving upmarket. Trolley-mounted planchas and electric models are winning over consumers, even though three-quarters of planchas sold still use gas. It should be noted that the JdC remains the largest B2B concentration of ranges in the barbecue sector. One particular segment to watch out for is the fast-growing outdoor kitchen market. This equipment is sold almost all year round. For our customers, it remains a carefully planned investment. So the trend for the garden as a living space is continuing, but it's changing: the garden now includes a kitchen.

By David Fouillé