May 12-14, 2020 Parc Chanot - Marseille - France The european trade show for gardening,
landscaping and outdoor living


Esplanade - A73

Your contact on the stand Mr Werner GOEMAERE Gérant

Your general activity

Building & landscaping

  • Decoration (Border, Gravel, Sand…)
  • Fencing & Sunshades
  • Exterior floor coverings (slabs, strips, paving, artificial grass, sand, gravel, baluster and railings...)


European (Belgian) producer of artifical grass


Private label :
- No
Supplier for e-commerce :
- No
Products out of France :
- Yes, I do
Is one member of your team on the fair speaking english to discuss with international buyers :
- Yes
Your activity :
- Manufacturer
Products dedicated to lanscapers and will you present them on the fair :
- Yes
Products dedicated to garden centers and will you present them on the fair :
- Yes