May 12-14, 2020 Parc Chanot - Marseille - France The european trade show for gardening,
landscaping and outdoor living


Hall 2 - S18

Your contact on the stand Mr Maud LEBRIS Directrice Marketing & Communication

Your general activity


  • Environmentally-responsible products (Sustainable development / bio...)
  • Garden care & treatment (Phyto / Biocontrol / Pest control...)
  • Equipment for the care of plants (Mulching / Mini greenhouses / Films / Protective Covers ...)
  • Garden beds
  • Enriching soils (Breeding ground / Fertilizers and soils conditioners...)


Or Brun, precursor of organic gardening, presents a full range of natural gardening products, at the forefront of technology and innovation: amendments, mulches, fertilizers, soils and plant protection products of natural origin, for experts as well as neophytes


Supplier for e-commerce :
- Yes
Products dedicated to lanscapers and will you present them on the fair :
- Yes
Products out of France :
- Yes, I do
Is one member of your team on the fair speaking english to discuss with international buyers :
- Yes
Your activity :
- Manufacturer
Private label :
- Yes
Products dedicated to garden centers and will you present them on the fair :
- No


L'Authentique Fertilisant Végétal



The « Authentique fertilisant végétal » of Or Brun isn’t only an amendment without animal materials : It’s an effective product, based on the historical and unequalled know-how of Or Brun. In addition to responding to market trends and expectations, the Or Brun’s “fertilisant vegetal” contains an agronomic additive that will stimulate plant growth. The traditional composting of this product gives it the essential properties to nourish and improve the soil in optimal way.