April 2-4, 2019 Parc Chanot - Marseille - France The european trade show for gardening, andscaping and outdoor living

Awards: Prix des Collections Jardin 2018-2019

2018 TRACKS RECORDS: “Prix des collections Jardin” awards 2018-2019

Garden Collections awards 2018-2019 – Category “Buyers’ choice”

Elected by buyers who came to visit the tradeshow.

  • Buyers’ “coup de coeur”: Morel SA for the “Voile d’ombrage ciel étoilé” winning also the best designed product. A shade sail that is automatically illuminated at nightfall with 100 LEDS.
  • The most simplifying: Fitt S.P.A. for the “YOYO”. A flexible an multi-jet hose, light, compact, innovative and ready to use!
  • The most innovative: SIDM for the “Table conviviale” 3 in 1.  A table with an ice cube trail and induction cooker to keep the smooth atmosphere of your outdoors dinners.
photo_produit_Voile-d-ombrage-ciel etoile_MOREL SA
photo_produit_YOYO_FITT SPA
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Most innovative: "La table Conviviale" - SIDM

Coup de coeur + Best design: Voile d'Ombrage Ciel étoilé - MOREL SA

Most simplifying: "YOYO" - FITT S.P.A.

Garden Collections awards 2018-2019 – Category « Natural Garden », sponsored by Botanic

  • Jury’s “coup de coeur”: Protecta SAS for the “Stimulateur de défenses des plantes”
  • The most simplifying: Cavac Biomatériaux for the “Protectomate”
  • The most innovative: Florentaise for the “Terreau multi-usage zéro carbone” – Terre & Nature brand
  • The most ergonomic: Avril Industrie for the “Pic Bine”
    Coup de coeur”: “Stimulateur de défenses des plantes” - PROTECTA SAS
    Most ergonomic:
    Most innovative: “Terreau multi-usage zéro carbone” - FLORENTAISE
    Most simplifying:
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    Coup de coeur”: “Stimulateur de défenses des plantes” - PROTECTA SAS

    Most ergonomic: "Pic Bine" - AVRIL INDUSTRIE

    Most innovative: “Terreau multi-usage zéro carbone” - FLORENTAISE

    Most simplifying: "Protectomate” - CAVAC BIOMATERIAUX

    Prix des collections “Natural Garden” category winners – sponsored by BOTANIC (from left to right: Florentaise, Cavac Biomatériaux, Laurent Davier & Stéphane d’Halluin from BOTANIC, Protecta SAS and Avril Industrie)

Garden Collections awards 2018-2019 – Category “Urban garden” sponsored by Truffaut

  • Jury’s “coup de coeur”: Deco Distrib’ for the “colortorch” winning also the best designed product
  • The most simplifyingRibimex for the “Pila 1”
  • The most innovative: Elgo Irrigation Ltd. for the “Plantower”
Colortorch - DECO DISTRIB
Pila 1 - RIBIMEX
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Coup de coeur & Best design: “colortorch” - DECO DISTRIB

Most simplifying: “Pila 1” - RIBIMEX

Most innovative: "Plantower” - ELGO IRRIGATION LTD

Prix des collections "Urban Garden" category winners - sponsored by TRUFFAUT (from left to right: Deco Distrib', Philippe Gibert from TRUFFAUT, Elgo Irrigation & Ribimex)

Garden Collections awards 2018-2019 – Category “High Tech / Smart Garden”, sponsored by Leroy Merlin

  • Jury’s “Coup de cœur”: Rostaing for the “Touch” gloves
  • The best designedHerstera Garden SL for the “Grow Led” greenhouse
  • The most simplifyingPoolstar for the “Poolex Nano” heath pump
  • The most innovative: Dipra for the automatic and connected pump:”Tallas D-Eboost wifi – 1100/45″
Poolex Nano - POOLSTAR
Tallas D-Eboost wifi – 1100/45 - DIPRA
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Coup de cœur: “Touch” gloves - ROSTAING

Best design: Grow Led - HERSTERA GARDEN

Most simplifying: Poolex Nano - POOLSTAR

Prix des collections "High Tech - Connected Garden" category winners - sponsored by LEROY MERLIN (from left to right: Poolstar, Dipra, Rostaing & Herstera Garden SL)

Most innovative: Tallas D-Eboost wifi – 1100/45 - DIPRA


These awards exist to help exhibitors to highlight their new products of the 2018-2019 collections.

For this 16th edition, 16 products have been rewarded by 4 different juries: 3 “retail chain-juries” and 1 made by all JdC’s visitors!

Product registered for Garden collections awards, were seperated in 4 categories:

  • URBAN GARDEN AWARD —> presented by TRUFFAUT*
  • GARDEN COLLECTIONS AWARD —> Elected by all JdC’s visitors (100% buyers): votes are still ongoing

For each catégories, 4 products have been rewarded… :

  • The best designed product: elected for its good design (shape, color…),
  • The most simplifying product: making gardening accessible for everyone, facilitating gardener’s life… 
  • The most innovative product: “breaking” with what exists on the market today by its function, use, composition, technology…
  • The Jury’s “Coup de coeur”

*Composition of retail chain’s jury: 4 to 6 person, buyers from the retail chain, external experts, association